Super Woman

Workshop By: Nesreen Nasr El Deen (Egypt)
For: Adults
No. of sessions: 2 weekly sessions
Duration: 8 hrs

Course Objective:

As mothers, we spend all or most of our time mentally and physically occupied by our family obligations. Mothers as individuals lose track of their personal goals amidst a crazy busy life. How can we gain back our inner peace? Is there a way of carrying out daily chores while not losing focus on our internal happiness?

What are the skills that you need to acquire – to leap that extra mile – which will eventually reflect on the wellbeing of your family?

The sessions are specially designed to equip mothers with the essential skills to manage their day to day commitments effectively. This customized and one-of- its kind program is conducted in an interactive way to ensure that mothers benefit to the maximum. Join us on this amazing journey to discover yourself and your ultimate ‘personal’ goals!

Course Outline:

  • How Do You See Yourself?
  • Leading a Happy Life : The Ultimate Goal
  • Using your Time Effectively
  • Managing your Anger effectively
  • Enhancing Your Influence: Your Communication Style
  • De-stressing Yourself – The daily house chores

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