Super Senses


Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, understand and manage one’s own emotions and to have empathy for others. Super serses shows itself in a child’s social skills, control, confidence, motivation and creative thinking – qualities and skills that are typically not taught in school, yet are vital for success, Children that develop a high EQ are more likely to cultivate positive relationships, communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, overcome difficult situations and manage stress. As these children enter adulthood, their sharpened EQ can help them be happier and healthier in their

careers and relationships Kids are a product of their environment and learn from watching the interactions of the key adults – parents, caregivers and teachers – in their lives. Caregivers with a healthy EQ understand what the little ones in their care are feeling and why. These adults are adept at demonstrating and teaching children how to interpret and respond to their own and others’ feelings in an appropriate way. d out of the classroom..


It is a dream of most parents that their children grow up to be happy and successful. Due to the prevalence of violence, bullying, depression and anxiety in children, it is vital that parents take the lead in teaching their children emotional skills that will result in Emotional Intelligence

Our ability to handle social situations, and control our impulses and emotions are critical to our success as adults. What are the tools that we can give our children to help them on this path? Learning emotional intelligence is an important factor. The teaching of emotional intelligence is complex. Parents and teachers need to understand and be able to manage their own emotions in order for a child to model effective behaviors and connect to caregivers on deep emotional levels. It is at these deeper levels of understanding that positive changes in the brain occur. The issue I find with many social and emotional learning programs is their focus is solely on thinking.


Super Senses is the:

  • ability to persist and be resilient in the face of difficulty
  • monitor one’s feelings
  • get along with others
  • resist immediate temptation to pursue a higher goal
  • take action that considers the needs of self and others

Course Outline:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Regulation
  • Self-Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Effective Relationships
  • Applying the Competencies
  • Choice and Control Model
  • Outcome Thinking
  • Dealing with Individual Challenges
  • Action Plans

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