Program Objective:

We all want to look twenty years later at our children and be proud of the kids we helped develop. We want to see our kids become mature, well-rounded people; able to face the struggles of life with a sense of fulfilment. We all have this strong desire to raise our kids into people who are admired for how they’re carrying their lives and how they influence the society and environment around them in such a positive way.

News flash! It doesn’t happen dreaming. To see that happen, it needs some hard work and a good amount of dedication.

So join the ride, enjoy it, and see the results you want in the eyes of your sons and daughters.


Program outline:

  • Children’s basic needs
  • How to meet your child’s basic needs
  • Fundamental stages of child development
  • The different kinds of abuse
  • Punishment vs. discipline
  • How to discipline in positive ways
  • What do I need to improve about me to be able to parent right?
  • Children’s self-image and how we help them create a positive one
  • The 5 love languages


About the Trainer:

Mariam Medhat is an internationally certified Life Coach, an NLP Practitioner, and a Certified Positive Discipline Educator from the USA. She is currently undergoing a Master’s degree in Counseling. Medhat has been working in the field of training and education for five years, and is the founder of the notable organization ‘Parenting Formula’ in Cairo, Egypt.

Duration : 6 sessions ,each one 4 hours

Fees: 800 L.E

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