This workshop will take you on a journey in which you will learn the first steps towards the purest form of meditation.


Meditation is a scientifically proven way to improve one’s health and balance in life. Today, mediators from across the globe, whether young or old, have found an effective way of bettering their lives using Yoga and Meditation. Its surprising simplicity combined with immediate and tangible results has proven that Medi-Yoga is a wholesome and enriching experience.

Whether one is looking for peace of mind, a stress-free life or physical well-being, Medi-Yoga offers it all. In fact, it goes a step further, adding the joys of connecting with one’s Self to the mix. Imagine a delightful concoction which gives each person the flavor he or she desires and needs at any time of day. With Medi-Yoga, one finds this ever flowing source of delight that revitalizes and brings joy to every moment of one’s life.

If you have little or no experience with meditation, “Our Medi-Yoga Course” will get you up and started quickly and easily.


  • Decrease stress and anxiety
  • Enjoy a peaceful state of mind
  • Improve health in general
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Increase motivation
  • Improve concentration and focus
  • Alleviate diseases and illnesses such as migraines, insominia, asthma, ADHD and many more.

Outline :

  1. An introduction to the human subtle system, which consists of energy centers (chakras) and a spiritual energy (Kundalini).
  2. We will prepare ourselves for the actual experience and concentrate on the primordial power which lives in every cell of every living thing, the Kundalini. Awakening of this primordial energy is so essential in order to meditate in the true manner.
  3. The actual experience of Kundalini awakening within you which is also known as Self-realization, enlightenment or second birth.
  4. We will explore the energy centers (chakras). The first step is the Vishuddhi chakra which is at the level of the throat and which controls our overall communication with others.
  5. True mastery is the ability to discriminate between the truth and falsehood. And to live in harmony with natural laws. The Void is the center of our own mastery. As the Kundalini energy enlightens this area we become our own Guru.
  6. In this class you will have the experiment with your true Self. It is the Self which is the reflection in your heart of the absolute beauty of the source of life. It is the reflection of the universal love and innocence in every person. Discover the beauty of your Spirit.
  7. Your experiment with thoughtless awareness at the level of the brain, the Agnya chakra. It is known as the door to paradise because above this, is located the limbic area or Sahasrara chakra which integrates all inner functions and when awaken sends joy and deep peace through out the entire nervous system.
  8. Roots nourish and support the trees and all other plant. Also within you there are roots. Roots which create a balance between your inner and outer existence. When your roots are strong, you are a balanced, joyful, satisfied and loving person who is desireless and truly free.
  9. The uppermost energy center is one of the most important chakras in our subtle system. When Kundalini rises and pierces this center, it awakens all the nerves thus enlightening every nerve center and we say the person is enlightened soul. Kundalini further pierces the fontanelle area and opens a gateway into the cosmos and we experience this as cool breeze on the head.
  10. In this last part of the course, you will experience once more your Kundalini awakening. If you came along with us, you will definitely feel the cool breeze much stronger than your previous experience.

Duration : Once a week each one 3hrs ,10 sessions

For : Teens/Adults

Instructor : Duaa Mansour

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