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“influencing people around you “session at cultural center in moe’z street

We may struggle to convey our thoughts and ideas in an accurate manner, making it difficult to communicate and nearly impossible to lead well within our family circle or otherwise.
Additionally, while listening serves as an integral part of effective communication, not many are professionally taught how to listen effectively. Many of us believe that hearing what is said is the same as listening to what is said.
This unique course focusses on fine tuning these invaluable skills at a personal level – which translates in the ability to build and improve personal relationships, to overcome conflicts effectively and to foster better understanding of others.

Program outlines:

Module I: Introduction

  • How Do You See Yourself as a Communicator?
  • Factors Affecting our Life Perspective.
  • The Master Rule: Achieving Your Own Communication Success!

Module II: Listen To Them!

  • Focus : Mentoring & the Role of Listening.
  • Hearing vs. Listening?!
  • What are the Barriers to Listening?
  • The Benefits of Active Listening.
  • The Five Key Elements and The Degrees of Active Listening.
  • Importance of Questioning & Gathering Information.
  • The Value of Asking High-Gain Questions.
  • Students: Practical Tips to Develop Active Listening.

Module III: The Power of Your Words!

  • Choosing your Words: How?
  • The Power of Positive Language.
  • Words that Work.
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback.
  • Handling People’s Resistance to your ideas.
  • Delivering Constructive Criticism.
  • Non-Verbal Communication Essentials.
  • Reflecting and Finding Value in Every Conversation.

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