A form of a character development program.

First, that there is such a thing as character, a joined set of personal values and virtues which normally guide conduct. Character is about who we are and who we become and includes the values of responsibility, honesty, self-reliance, reliability, generosity, self-discipline, and a sense of identity and purpose. Second, that this is not a fixed set, easily measured or incapable of modification. Third, choices about conduct are choices about ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ actions and thoughts.


This is a comprehensive, user-friendly, high-interest curriculum to teach character and leadership to students, you are in the right spot. DevelopMe Program has many years of supporting research, it is aligned with schools, and the lesson plans meet the diverse learning styles of students.

DevelopMe Program improves the school climate and teaches valuable 21st century skills. It is complete and easy to teach. It is engaging, challenging and relevant to their lives. After many years of development, feedback and research, we just say that it works! We know that this program changes students, changes schools and changes communities.

This program is well-organized and has a consistent set of 6 in-depth Pillars to teach each of the 18 character/value traits.


  • Moral: knowledge, integrity, and awareness to assess the moral-ethical aspects of every situation and the personal courage to take appropriate action regardless of consequences.
  • Performance: The sense of duty, strength, and determination necessary to accomplish the task and get results.
  • Community: The empathy, loyalty, respect, and humility that enables an individual to treat others with dignity and display selflessness.
  • Leadership: The ability to inspire and develop others while establishing a safe, positive climate where everyone thrives while achieving tangible results.
  • Social: The ability to act properly.


Students, Teachers, and Communities.

Course Pillars


  • Honesty
  • Happiness
  • Constructive


  • Cooperation
  • Humility


  • Bond
  • Honorable


  • Love
  • Helpful


  • Simplicity
  • Tolerance


  • Freedom
  • Peace
  • Unity

Sample of SubtopicsHelpfulness including

  1. Being kind
  2. Being responsible
  3. Being sympathetic
  4. Being thoughtful
  5. Conforming to expectation / wanting to please

Caring including

  1. Showing love or concern
  2. Being sympathetic
  3. Being kind
  4. Being considerate

Cooperation including

  1. Being co-constructive
  2. Being appreciative
  3. Being competitive
  4. Taking control

Honorable including

  1. Being honest
  2. Treating others fairly

Constructive including

  1. Being humorous
  2. Being creative
  3. Being supportive
  4. Being flexible

About the Trainer:

Duaa Mansour (Canadian-Egyptian)

Received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Toronto in Canada with a Specialist in Visual Studies . She later received a Minor in Graphic Design and is currently working on her Masters in Art Education. Duaa is a certified international trainer for The Living Values Program and is also an Art Therapist.  Recently moved to Cairo, Duaa was an Art Educator and Art Chair at an American School abroad for 5 years. She has put together Professional development courses, seminars and workshops for educators and students. Among them were seminars at Schools and nurseries in Greece, Kuwait and Egypt. She has helped educators create a values-based atmosphere and facilitate exploration and development of values. She has put together a Program called DevelopMe which is an educational resource that can be used for children, teachers and parents to develop and instill building a good character.

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