Co-Founder and General Manager, ERA

Co-Founder of ERA, Samah Abdullah graduated with an Engineering degree from Ain Shams University before taking a long-life career decision in developing people and making positive change.

Samah is a certified Montessori Trainer and a Positive Discipline Parent Educator, attained from the International Montessori Foundation and MMI from London.

As a mother of two children, her journey started by discovering the Montessori approach through her son, which inspired her to believe that with personalized character education, a generation of unique individuals can be born and reborn.

She fulfilled her newly found passion by achieving certificates in parenting and Montessori education. Yet, she noticed that developing kids was half successful without developing ourselves as adults who have greater impact on them.

Throughout her journey, Samah met Jailan Hamdy who shared the same dreams and vision as she did. With great passion, both strove to transform their dream into reality by together founding ERA, dedicated to enrich and develop the mind, body and soul.


Co-Founder and Operations Manager, ERA

Jailan Hamdy, the Co-Founder and Operations Manager at ERA, has deep passion for developing people and communities. Jailan graduated with a Business Administration degree from Cairo University, with a strong vision to make a difference.

She is currently a certified Montessori trainer and a Positive Discipline Parent Educator, from the International Montessori Foundation and MMI from London.

Prior to ERA, Jailan learnt about Montessori teaching methods and soon after started teaching children in a nursery.

She realized that the power of character building education does not only stop at children, but actually starts with the parents and adults who have a strong hand in affecting youth development. Soon after her parenting studies, she embarked on a self-development journey, which in turn, gave her the power to raise healthy children who can positively change their community.

From there, Jailan’s aspirations steered her into co-founding ERA with Sama Abdullah, to activate her passion and belief in developing people and communities.