It’s essential for teens to learn how to get along positively with others and show respect when interacting. A solid foundation in good manners and proper etiquette is key when it comes to developing strong social skills. As a parent, you’ll want to ensure that you teen understands the importance of appropriate behavior as it can directly contribute to her success in young adulthood and beyond.


Era workshops offers etiquette classes for teens, and comprehensive programs for adults. Our etiquette training will provide you with the social skills needed for both personal and professional success in life. Our classes are entertaining, hands-on, interactive and educational and are focused around 21st century living. It is with pride and honor that we have the opportunity to educate individuals with the social skills and proper manners that are expected in everyday life interactions.


  • Dine like a Diplomat: Covers the Dining and Table Manners
  • Business Etiquette: For Business and Corporate Situations
  • Cultural Notes: Provides info on Global Cultural Differences
  • Wedding Etiquette: For Dating and Wedding Situations
  • Potpourri: Covers Flag, Funeral, Netiquette etc.


6 sessions 2 hrs per each

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