Ahmed Zahran

Ahmed Zahran, an Egyptian Architect and Interior Designer, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Architecture Department, and got his Master degree in Architecture from La Sapienza university in Rome, Italy. He participated in several architectural and design competitions, and recently won the the National Award for Creativity in Architecture. Zahran has 8 years professional…READ MORE

Mariam Medhat

Mariam Medhat is an internationally certified Life Coach, an NLP Practitioner, and a Certified Positive Discipline Educator from the USA. She is currently undergoing a Master’s degree in Counseling. Medhat has been working in the field of training and education for five years, and is the founder of the notable organization ‘Parenting Formula’ in Cairo,…READ MORE

Duaa Mansour

Duaa Mansour received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Toronto in Canada with a Specialist in Visual Studies. She later received a Minor in Graphic Design and is currently working on her Masters in Art Education. Duaa is a certified international trainer for The Living Values Program and is also an Art…READ MORE

Nesreen Nasr El Deen Aly

Nesreen is a former graduate of the American University in Cairo (AUC) – class of 1996. She holds a Master of Business Administration Degree in Financial Management from Southeastern University (Washington D.C., U.S.A – 1998) and is an ORACLE Certified Professional (OCP) – 2003. Nesreen is an independent Certified Trainer & Consultant undertaking training programs & consultancy projects…READ MORE