Montessori-Inspired Solar System unit

As the Montessori approach based on observing the child so it’s the most effective way to teach and deal with kids as well. the first unit of our Montessori-inspired chain is out now, Children will learn about solar system, Eras, space, astronauts, and other information through activities, flash cards, videos, songs, crafts and much more…READ MORE



Outcome: if your child struggles at school every day and gets negative feedback for things they did or didn’t do, what would that do to their confidence and self-esteem? What would make you continue to push themselves to improve? Many kids with learning and attention issues have negative experiences in school and beyond because of…READ MORE


Super Senses

Objective: Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, understand and manage one’s own emotions and to have empathy for others. Super serses shows itself in a child’s social skills, control, confidence, motivation and creative thinking – qualities and skills that are typically not taught in school, yet are vital for success, Children that develop a…READ MORE


Individual / one-to-one art therapy

We Believe that each child has their own personality, potential, interests and capabilities that need to be met. which is why we offer one-to-one sessions to help you discover your child individuality and help him flourish. We also provide tailored programs for any of “group of friends” , find out their specific needs and help them develop their capabilities


Art Doodle

Objective Foundations learning. Drawing and painting. Explore a wide variety of materials. Mini-doodle(4-7) Young children spend the first few years of life discovering the world. They gather, collect, examine and process more stimuli in the preschool years than any other time in their development, preparing their brains for more advanced learning. We have a unique…READ MORE



A form of a character development program. First, that there is such a thing as character, a joined set of personal values and virtues which normally guide conduct. Character is about who we are and who we become and includes the values of responsibility, honesty, self-reliance, reliability, generosity, self-discipline, and a sense of identity and…READ MORE