Art Doodle


  • Foundations learning.
  • Drawing and painting.
  • Explore a wide variety of materials.


Young children spend the first few years of life discovering the world. They gather, collect, examine and process more stimuli in the preschool years than any other time in their development, preparing their brains for more advanced learning. We have a unique method of drawing with preschoolers that will maximize development to better prepare them as learners.

Weekly help preschool children:

  • Learn to follow directions
  • How to use a pencil
  • Understand and draw basic shapes
  • Stay on task and focus
  • Gain fine motor skills
  • Learn handwriting skills
  • Develop their vocabulary
  • Enhance their communication skills
  • Kindergarten readiness
  • Increase their self confidence and self esteem

doodle (8-12)

This Program is designed to teach art techniques and vocabulary to elementary children ages 8 to 12 .

As students draw a new lesson every week, they learn a variety of art concepts including:

  • Portraiture
  • Perspective
  • Still life
  • Realism/Abstraction
  • Art history
  • Color theory
  • Fundamental composition skills
  • Line and patterning
  • Art vocabulary


  • Encourage creativity and exploration of conceptual ideas.
  • Emphasize making art as an ongoing process
  • Develop technical skills and functions of visual elements.

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