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This course is intended for highly motivated attendees who are seriously interested in the study of art. There are no requirements however its significantly important for the attendees to demonstrate commitment and accomplishment while enrolled. This course strives for quality of production and experience in the investigation of drawing styles, techniques and reflection of historical influences in art. The course is designed as an intensive program. The course is the infusion of new ideas and constructed around meanings and an enduring creative idea.


  • Encourage creativity and exploration of conceptual ideas.
  • Emphasize making art as an ongoing process that involves the attendees in an informed and critical decision‐making.
  • Develop technical skills and familiarize attendees with the functions of visual elements.
  • Encourage attendees to become independent thinkers who will contribute inventively and creatively to their culture through the making of art.
  • Outline

1. Drawing 4 weeks

Explore a variety of ways to create value, including pressure control, tinting and shading, and blending complementary colors. We focus on capturing details and textures to create realistic effects in large-scale drawings of natural objects like seashells or feathers.

2. Pastel 2 weeks

In this pastel drawing course you will learn the basics and techniques to draw with dry pastel.

3. Water colors 3 weeks

Sharpen your drawing skills while investigating a world of imagery, symbolism, and dreams. This class introduces surrealist drawing practices used to stimulate the imagination while emphasizing fundamental drawing skills. Utilizing mostly graphite and color pencils, students can expect to deepen their understanding of the physicality of drawing as well as line, shape, texture, and color. Wet media will be introduced into the drawing process.

An opportunity to be initiated to watercolor in order to know if this medium suits you and this without having to invest a fortune… In this workshop, you will become familiar with the basic techniques: how to mix colors, the wash, and wet on wet and wet-on-dry techniques.

4. Color exploration 2 weeks

These sessions will be based on an exploration of color theory using the vehicle of still-life. Using the color triangle first attributed to the French painter Eugène Delacroix, we will learn how all grays, earth tones and even black can be found through a palette of nothing but primary colors.

Through repetition and various exercises the understanding of color will be integrated with learning the basic principles of traditional still-life: light, weight, mass and depth. As a class we will develop the ability to understand the value of objective and positive critique, culminating with an understanding of how to push independent development through objective self-critique.

5. Paint 3 weeks

This is for who would like to work with and manipulate acrylic paint on canvas. Some light drawing is involved. This is a good class for the beginner to advanced. I will gear it to your individual skill set.Improve your skill and confidence by exploring new artistic styles and techniques for painting with oils on canvas.

6. Clay 2 weeks

Expressive techniques artistically through the medium of clay. While building social, critical thinking and technical skills you will create whimsical, fun, colorful works of art created both off the potter’s wheel.

7. 3D + paper exploration + printing 3 weeks

Create colorful mono-prints by drawing on inked plates and applying to paper. Focus on elements such as line, color, and contrast. You will explore multimedia art, from papier mache to mosaic. We’ll explore textures with projects that will encompass a variety of mediums.

8. Mandalas 2 weeks

Mandala is an ancient symbol for wholeness and harmony.

These sessions invite you to explore your soul through mandala painting. The practice of painting is joyful, healing and meditative. Through guided meditations we’ll contact our creative source, the inner artist that resides in us all. This week will give you the tools to use the mandala as a path of self-discovery and artistic development.


10:00-2:00 Tuesday

10:00-2:00 Thursday


5:00-8:00 Monday

5:00-8:00 Wednesday

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