About Us

“I’ve achieved career success, I’ve earned my higher degree, I have a family, but why do I feel like there’s something missing?”

“I know I can be something – something magnanimous!”

“I want to understand myself to make the right choices.”

“I want to be a better parent for my child to grow into a better person.”


How many of these thoughts crossed your mind before?

Like a puzzle, most of us are trying to put the pieces together. Some puzzles magnificently fit in the right place, some seem to be out of reach, and others don’t fit at all. You need to stop, observe, reevaluate, and pursue the patterns to fulfill the fuller picture that looks right for you.

In this light, we at ERA have designed special programs to help you empower your strengths and face your weaknesses in ways that have proven to take positive turns.

Beginning with children, we focus on raising their self-awareness and building a stronger, more solid foundation to inspire their own passions and livelihoods.

We then march towards the future teenage and adulthood stages, where we will guide them into understanding and grasping full awareness of themselves, by reassessing and developing their passions, careers, relationships and standing among their community.

Whereas, for mothers, we always wonder how we can be better at what we do for ourselves and our kids. You may be looking for the perfect pieces in the puzzle to help you effectively be a better parent, or ignite the spark of self-independence and passion in your kids. Most importantly, to achieve any of that, you need to feel relaxed, distressed and gain inner peace, and we’ve got the right tools and space for you.

On the other hand, if you’re a husband or a wife, your pieces can come together by understanding your significant other, enriching your communication levels, and applying some tips and techniques to help you reach a healthy, longstanding relationship with your spouse.

Nevertheless, if you are a working professional, you may be absorbed in a fast-paced machine that you forget the truer essence of life. You may want to rediscover your goals and achieve your dreams: Is this what you’re meant to do? Do you know what you want? Are you working on the right skills to achieve them? You maybe too busy, and need space to relax and figure out your next steps. And you can. The pieces are there, just reach out for them and start putting them together!

With ERA you will go through a journey of self-discovery and pass through pillars to realize that nothing is set in stone. Everything is possible. Living and BEING is possible…because we only live once!